tirsdag 2. november 2010



Maria Bentzen
(lead vocals/piano/main songwriter/all lyrics)

John Petter Sæterdal
(keyboards/background vocals)

Jo Fahlstrøm

Mats Vegard Andresen

Ole-Herman Røhr

Silvanesti was founded as a studio project in 2005 by singer and songwriter Maria Bentzen and drummer Ole Hermann Rohr. The project later expanded with Mats Vegard Andresen - bass, John Petter Saeterdal - keyboards, and Jo Fahlstrom - guitar, and became a full band line-up.

Late winter 2008, Silvanesti recorded the demo “ Kiss of Karma” in Marshall studios with engineer and producer Gilbert Marshall - the keyboard player from Norwegian progrock band Magic Pie. The demo is, caused by some issues still not released.
In early autumn of 2009, Silvanesti decided to do a new studio-session for a four-track EP. It was recorded in The Rock Ranch studio, and engineered by Trond "Teeny" Holter - the guitar player from Norwegian glam rock band WigWam. 4 new songs were recorded and the band finally got the sound they wanted. Silvanesti is expecting a further collaboration with Trond Holter for a full album.
Silvanesti is doing regular live concerts, and has worked as support act for bands like Pagans Mind, Stonegard, Highland Glory, Magic Pie, Orden Ogan (DE), and Illusion Suite.

The Music
The band categorizes the music in the genre of melodic metal. The music is grounded in the tradition of a 80's to contemporary heavy metal expression, but is inspired by classical music as well as folk music by implementing elements from baroque and renaissance, and modality known from i.e. Celtic and Arabian music.

The songs are hard, progressive, massive, dynamic and melodic. Always with a strong focus around the vocals with very melodic phrases and catchy hook lines.

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